Frapin 1270

1270 by Frapin













  • Smell
  • Creativity
  • Blend
  • Versatility


  • Has to be explained
  • Casual noses may miss the magic

Story: The Aha moment

I’ve always loved fragrances. At an early age, I can remember wanting to smell and experience the uniqueness of every scent. As an adult, I discovered this subgenre of fragrances known as Niche fragrances. An artisanal, higher quality cologne with that added advantage of smelling unique? Where do I signup? So began my niche journey. Getting my nose on as many as I could. Some I liked. Some I didn’t. Many I couldn’t appreciate at the time. But all were pretty much on the same playing field. Until I smelled Frapin’s 1270. As soon as a smelled it I know it would be my first niche purchase.

About 1270

When I hear the term “Fragrance as art” I always think of my experience with this fragrance. The creators of 1270 wanted to create a fragrance of nobility, encompassing the scents surrounding the creation of Cognac. The “house” of Frapin is known for the creation of fine spirits. There origins beginning in the year 1270. What better company to execute such a project.

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The Smell

1270 comes across as “fragrance” not “cologne” there is an obvious absence of perfumers alcohol and chemicals so prevalent in designer perfumery. It smells like a blend of naturally occurring scents coming together to create a new one. The blend evoking images of velvet sportcoats and yes cognac. Even before I knew the inspiration of the fragrance it made me think of a cocktail. Specifically, an Old Fashion made with cognac, not bourbon.  Crushed oranges, sugar, and booze. The boozy composition itself is more intentional than I could have imagined. Based on the Folle Blanche (grape of the region), the vineyard grass, damp soil of the cellars, and wooden casks. All aspects of cognac creation.

The Progression

The start is fruity. A watery, Pineapple and a healthy blast of what they describe as a “candied orange” with dried fruit. In this case dried grapes or prunes. It’s sweet and surprisingly light when looking at the juice color. you’ll get a slightly earthy, damp soil feel from the hazelnut, cocoa, and coffee which is present but in the background. I’m not sure but I think the boozy feel of this comes from the dried fruits (grapes) and a mix of florals in the mid. Everlasting flowers, vine flowers, and linden. Even though it’s not listed I get a familiar hint of angelica. Similar the note found in Versace Man from Versace. Dry and dusky.  Only this one is drowned in sweetness. Vanilla, tonka bean, and white honey. If someone doesn’t like this fragrance it may be due to the sweet “gourmand” nature of this scent. Last but not least there is a generic spicy undertone. Maybe black pepper? The spice in this reminds people of The One from Dolce and Gabanna. To me, they’d be more like cousins than siblings.

Final Take

The epitome of a niche fragrance. Fragrance as art. Evokes a mood of nobility and a distinct unique place with a solid theme as inspiration.  One the embodies the Frapin brand. Cognac creation. This first and flagship composition hits the mark of evoking images of fine spirits. Personally, this release is a benchmark for me personally when a niche brand demands a niche price tag. Sure, you’ll find more creative scents. You’ll find more complex scents. However, you won’t find one with creativity, complexity, and smells this good.

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