Best Date Fragrances for Men

Date Night

Planning a date night out with the wife?  Picking the right scent to set the mood right could be challenging. As a frag head, I like to be bold, daring and unique. My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t do well with strange or strong. Finding that right balance between sweet but not cloying, manly but not too strong and noticeable without being overbearing is crucial. I’ve found a few go-to scents that I believe have the perfect DNA for close encounters!

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#1 Valentino Uomo

This is a new acquisition for me but climbing quickly up the ladder of my favorites. A combo of hazelnut, chocolate, and roasted coffee. It doesn’t smell edible at all. the mix comes across dark & sensual and upscale.

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#2 Pure Wood Thierry Mugler

Just judging by the name you’d think this is all about wood. And there is a good dose of it here. However, There are two aspects of the fragrance you need to consider as well. One, the top possesses a whiskey accord. Not over the top. Not very apparent but present. Secondly, vanilla. there is a heavy dose of vanilla hear to sweeten up the woody notes. It doesn’t making it overly sweet, just really smooth.

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#3 Tom Ford Noir De Noir

Dark and mysterious and Tom Ford does Sexy well. This is a prototypical date fragrance. This is a rose based fragrance. but don’t let that scare you. I hate rose. However, this doesn’t come across old. or old womanish. This smells like rose and chocolate liqueur.

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#4 Guess Seductive

A bargain bin fragrance you can get this for less than $20 bucks. its an amber and pink pepper mix mainly. But the star of this is the violet leaf. Perfect for close encounters because it’s not that strong and it’s not going to be too overpowering if she whats to be close. If you like spicy. this would be a good one for you.

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#5 La Nuit De L’homme (Man of the night)

No surprise here. if you purchased cologne in the last decade someone has told you about this. Sweet spicy slightly powered vibe. it takes the original and turns him into bad boy sexy. which is why I have two bottles.

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#6 The One

Is just that. The one. the ultimate close encounter scent. dark spicy sweet and one of the best smelling fragrances you’ll come across. it really caters to the idea that you’ll have a lady who wants to be close because it doesn’t shout. I once heard someone say a fragrance should be discovered not announced and that phrase fits this scent perfectly.

With any of these fragrances, you’ll be sure to drive her crazy on that special date night.

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