Allure Homme Edition Blanche

Allure Homme Edition Blanche













  • Performance for a "light" scent
  • Smell
  • Versatiltiy


  • Not readily available
  • Pricey for a designer

Allure Homme Edition Blanche

I first got my nose on Allure Homme Edition Blanche in 2013 while looking for my “signature” scent. If you’re not familiar with a signature scent It’s your go-to fragrance. The fragrance that embodies you as a person. It’s the one scent you could wear daily. Suitable for your climate, work setting personality etc. . . When people smell this fragrance they think of you. For me, Allure Homme Edition Blanche (AHEB) is it. This was love from the first sniff. I live in a warm climate so on my hunt I was looking for something suitable for the warm weather but versatile enough to spring and warmer fall days. AHEB serve this purpose. Beautifully.


When reaching for a summer fragrance you want something light and airy. Clean. and not too sweet. Sweet fragrances become cloying, obnoxious and annoying in high heat. Although this fragrance is light and has lemon throughout, AHEB is potent juice. It is suited for cool summer nights or spring days as well. It even has enough oomph to work in cool fall days.


I purchased this fragrance from the Chanel Boutique in Vegas. I mention that because it’s a Chanel exclusive. Only available at Chanel Boutiques.  I previously own a sample and thought it was nice. So when smelling it in the boutique I knew I’d  like it. But as a smelled other fragrances in the store, I kept coming back to AHEB. Ultimately, I had to have it. It smelled so much better than anything else they had. Once I got back to my room I noticed something. This was an Eau De Parfum strength. What? My samples were Eau de toilette. A good smelling juice that was more potent! I am pleased!



The Facts

The house of Chanel released Allure Homme the Parfum version in 2014. The nose behind the scent
Jacque Polge the in-house perfumer for Chanel. Scents to his credit? If you’re wearing anything Chanel on the men’s or women’s side of the aisle, he probably did it. This fragrance is available in 1.7, 3.4 and 5.0. Pricing between $90 to $150. Which, is a little more expensive than your run of the mill designer scent. Maybe because this is only available in Chanel boutiques and sparingly online.

The Smell – Spicy Lemon Oriental Goodness

The start of this fragrance is uplifting and bright. Almost fizzy. Consisting of a zesty lemon and a clean transparent cedar. In the background, you get a slightly sweet vanilla accord with pink pepper to round it out. In the mid-AHEB transitions from bright and citrusy to light and oriental. The vanilla comes more to the forefront and a creamy wood starts to develop. All the while maintaining that slight spiciness from the pink pepper. It’s both beautiful and masculine. In the base you still get lemon, but toned way down. Here, its all about smoothness. Anchored by the vanilla and the sandalwood mix. Not sure of the actual note combo, or accords but there is something uniquely Chanel about this fragrance. If you’ve ever smelled Sycamore, Coromandel, or Egoiste, there is something that ties all these fragrances together. You’ll notice it here as well.


In testing this fragrance I wore 5 sprays to work. The “standard ” two to the neck, one to the chest and one on each wrist. Not taking into consideration the Eau De Parfum concentration. Or my co-workers for that matter. Well, needless to say, I receive a lot of feedback. Thankfully all positive, but not the attention you want in a professional environment. As the day went on and the fragrance progressed it really died down. Or so I thought. It was summer, and evidently, the heat reactivated it. Around 3 o’clock I took a walk, and upon my return, I started getting compliments again.

Final Take

This is a staple in my summer rotation. This scent is simple without being boring. Minimalistic if you will. A fresh and bright oriental that is creamy and sexy without being overly sweet. This is a Swiss Army knife for me that can be dressed up in a suit and tie or down white tee and jeans. Either way, keeping you sexy in the summertime. If you want one fragrance to suit all occasions Allure Homme Edition Blanche is signature scent worthy. For me, this is the perfect scent.

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