Creed Aventus. The best fragrance on the market for men?














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The Basics

Creed’s Aventus is said to be inspired by the life of an emperor. As legend has it, Napoleon. Their inspiration for this scent is a “Celebration of strength, power, and success.” I believe they succeed. This fragrance embodies all those characteristics and then some. For all intent and purposes, this is a hit amongst men and women alike for the house of Creed. Although I’ve gotten some of the best compliments from women wearing this, I’ve also gotten some not so complimentary reactions. More on that later.

Creed Aventus Facts

Aventus was released by the house of Creed in 2010. The nose behind the scent? Father and son duo Erwin and Olivier Creed. It’s classified as a fruity chypre. Chypre is French for Cyprus. Aventus is available in a ton of sizes.
flacons of :

  • Creed Aventus bottle sizes1oz (30ml)
  • 1.7oz (50ml)
  • 2.5oz (75ml)
  • 4.0oz (120ml) $455
  • 8.4oz (250ml)
  • 17oz (500ml)
  • 34oz (1000ml) $1400

The Smell (notes and blend)

The first thing you’re going to notice especially if you not used to niche fragrances is the quality, this opening is beautiful and without a shred of harshness, challenging notes or alcohol. Meaning you won’t need to waft it after you spray. The opening of this fragrance starts with a bright pineapple. Not pineapples out of the can with syrup, try to imagine pineapple off the grill. On a kabob skewer that’s been charred and dried out a bit. Taking a back seat to the pineapple is an apple note. This apple note is thick. More like applesauce or Simply Apple apple juice than freshly

Creed Aventus 4.0oz Aventus 4.0.oz

squeezed apple juices. No cinnamon. All natural. The bergamot plays second fiddle to the pineapple and is in a supporting role adding a slight herbal tinge. I believe the blackcurrant berry is adding sweetness and all so has a floral tinge that will stay in to mid. In the background is your segway to the mid, a sturdy birchwood. It’s smoky and rugged but still elegant. From time to time I get floral nuances here but not every time. Jasmine, I believe. Not my favorite part of this fragrance but bearable. In the base, you get a woody, slightly creamy finish thanks to vanilla. Altogether, one of the best things you’ll put your nose on!

Final Take on Creed Aventus

The performance of Aventus is one of it’s best attributes. When paying this much for a fragrance you want it to stick around for a bit. This typically last 8 to 10 hour on my skin. This is an “any occasion” type scent, however, at this price point, I’d reserve this for formal/special occasions. Another positive is it is appropriate for every season. Simply put its the epitome modern masculinity.

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