Beat the heat in style with these cool summer scents

Summer-time Fragrances

With the arrival of summer and the high heat. The chances of your fragrances becoming cloying or choking somebody out goes up. But you don’t necessarily have to stop wearing fragrance. But you do have to be more considerate of your summer fragrance choices, and your sprays. Today I have a list of suggestion to get you through the summer without offending those around you. Don’t get the side eye. Dude?!

Today I’m helping you tackle the dog days of summer. Here in Texas that could mean triple-digit temperatures. The frags on this list smell good without being overbearing to those around you. I’ve broken it down into 3 scenarios.  Work scents, Date Scents, Casual. In no particular order. Let’s get started. First up, Work options.

Work Scents

For work, you need a couple of things. You need scents that will last a full workday. That’s 8 to 12 hours. Second you need it to be a people pleaser. Primarily. Non-offensive to most. The scent is subjective so you won’t please EVERYBODY. Some people will find hand soap offensive. You also want scents that more personal. That stick closer to the skin. I have 5 in my summer rotation.


DIOR HOMME EAU by Christian Dior

This is more of a Dior Homme flanker than the sport or cologne versions in my opinion. It’s a lighter fresher version of the original.  More suited for the warm weather. It has the Iris that Dior Homme is known for but makes it watery with a beautifully damp water like coriander. Amber and cedar will carry you through the workday. This last about 10 hours consistently on my skin. Very professional option for summer.


YSL’s L’homme

No introduction needed here. One of the best selling fragrances on the market. And for good a reason. This has one of the best introductions in the game. It’s a fresh ginger and bergamot combo. with subdued spices and wonderfully executed violet leaf. Violet leaf is one of those note that is absolutely gorgeous when it’s subtle. I picture a sharp dresser, a tad trendy, heading to an office with a professional environment. One of the best fragrances for men.


Bleu De Chanel

This is quintessential all season fragrance. Perfect for the guy who only wants one bottle to be a workhorse. Its a perfect balance of citruses, woods, and spices. Very good performance to last throughout the day and very little sweetness with makes it good for summer.


Dior Homme Sport (Vintage)

This Amalfi lemon ginger Combo is amazing. IIt’s Fizzy and effervescent. Surprisingly little to no sweetness at all. This one has Dior quality and easily last all day. A bit of a black sheep if you’ve smelled the Dior Homme line. It doesn’t have the same DNA and possibly the reason it was reformulated. Have not smelled the latest release of this but the 2011 version is good as well.
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Green Irish Tweed

When I want to be a little different. Exclusive if you will.  I’m going to reach for green Irish Tweed. This is another classic in the fragrance community from the house of Creed. This is very reminiscent of Cool water by Davidoff but a higher quality and better performing. In the beginning, their very close but goes it different directions. GIT transitions to slightly creamy and milky in the heart.

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Versace Pour Homme

This one has two notes perfect for the summer. Neroli and lemon. this is slightly watery and floral in the mid but in a masculine way. It has a woody base and a touch of tonka bean for sweetness in the base. A true classic aquatic in the men’s aisle.
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Set sail st. Barts. Tommy Bahamas

Has a tropical vibe. Picture clear blue water, white sand beaches and a drink with an umbrella.  This one has Margaritas and lime notes and sweetness anchored by guava and agave. Boozy and watery. This eau de Cologne concentration is Great in Very high heat. surprisingly this actually last in and out of the water. Perfect for outdoors. 4 to 6 hours before needing to reapply.


Issey Miyake Summer 2014

This is a toned down aquatic version of the original. It replaces the yuzu of the original with a bitter pineapple and sweet fruity hints of kiwi. Oddly enough it smells really close to the original. The main difference is in the heart. Where it amps up the coriander.  As a whole, this smells better in the air than up close.



Lacoste Style Play

Style in Play is a fruity musky aquatic. A beautiful combo of crisp green apple and red cedar or thuja. I never smelled this note in any other fragrance. This blend is unique and not reminiscent of any other introduction I’ve smelled. It dries down to a clean musky scent.  The best offering from Lacoste created by Annick Manardo master perfumer.


Nautica Voyage

If what you need is a beast mode aquatic, look here. This nautical themed “freshy” last about 10 hours on my skin. Starting out “salty” and turning soapy in about an hour. The duration of the scent is a nice combo of lotus musk and cedar with a touch of amber.



Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest.

This has the original amen DNA but light. done right. Tangerine, blood orange, and creamy vanilla. Slightly oriental with the vanilla, coffee and black pepper combo in the mid. Perfect for being up close in the heat. Does a good job at being sweet yet not cloying. Very appropriate for summer and defiantly a compliment getter. One of my most complimented.


Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

AHEB is one of my all-time favorites. Sicilian lemon and creamy vanilla primarily. You also will get pink pepper and sandalwood throughout. An absolute gorgeous concoction of notes. Not simple but minimalistic. not boring at all. This is a Boutique only release that smell like it belongs in Chanel’s higher-end line. There is a note in this that is present in Sycamore and Coromandel. Aldehydes maybe? Unfortunately, this has a price tag about a regular designer release.


Vince Camuto Solare

The surprise of the list. Classified as an oriental woody. Mandarin orange and
granulated sugar. with that said, it’s not a casual scent. this is upscale and classy. I will be rocking this outwit the little lady during the summer.


A good date scent that’s a little more Exclusive. I little less know fragrance. Frapin L’humanist. Frapin makes fine spirits but started releases fragrances in 2002. This is Gin and Amalfi lemon. sweeten by juniper berries and peony. It’s boozy and a subtle fragrance great for close encounters.

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