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A couple years back I decided to purchase a goto work scent. A signature scent for work if you will. A signature scent is one that you’re known for. When people smell it they think of you. One you grab off the shelf regularly. My goal was to find something that would last the whole workday, suitable for the Texas heat, and of course, smelled great. After testing and sampling tons of options at Sephora, I settled on Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel.

Pulze Pointz: Bleu De Chanel

Point 1: Scent of Contrast

This has an interesting contrast of accords. Dark and Light. Sweet and sour. Dirty & clean. You are anchored by a beautiful bright lemon note juxtaposed to dark incense. A sour grapefruit next to some sweetness. From a mystery note. Finally a dirty vetiver mixing with clean fresh mint and ginger.

Point 2: Jack of all trades

This mix of notes makes this an all-weather all occasion scent. About as well rounded a fragrance as you’ll find. Looking at the bottle you’d think this is a dark, cold weather scent. However, it closer to a spring/summer scent. If not for the well-rounded mix of notes.

Point 3: Performance

Performance Is the reason I bought this. I was testing this around the time I was looking for a “signature” work scent. Something I could throw on and not think about it. The only criteria, other than smelling good, is that it last all day. This does.

Point 4: Flankers

One thing these companies do is release flankers in the same bottles. you have to be careful that you pick the right one. This is the Eau de Toilette. Not the Eau de Parfum. They don’t smell the same and the only way to tell which one you have is Parfum is written on the bottom.

Point 5: Don’t buy on the gray market

If you’re looking for one brand to “count” n with your hard earned money. Chanel may just be it. you get not only quality in the construction but when it comes to ensuring you have genuine juice, well Chanel doesn’t play. They have authorized dealers and no one else can their stuff. They recently said an online discounter for selling bottles. With that said I wouldn’t buy this from anywhere but the mall or change boutique.

Final Take:

This is high-quality vanilla ice cream. it is going to please everyone with wowing anybody. If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing dumb reach. This is it.