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The Story: Does it work?

I don’t recommend blind buying fragrances. Meaning, don’t buy a fragrance based on its marketing or packaging. However, one day I came across a bottle that intrigued me. I pick up a scent at lunch and decided to do some testing. What better time to test than right now. lol. I sprayed myself in the car and returned to work.

Walking in the building I could tell someone was walking in behind me. I need to stop by the men’s room before getting back to work so I made a quick stop. The person followed me in. I did my business and was washing my hands when he approached. A couple of weird glances and awkward silence and I greeted by saying, “hows it going?” “I’m good,” he answered. You could tell something was on his mind. finally, he said. “Man, I have to ask…what cologne are you wearing?” I told him, Ed Hardy Love & luck. He said cool and headed for the door. Before walking out the bathroom he turns and asks. “Does it work?”

Today I’m taking a look at a bargain bin beauty. I purchased my bottle for $14 bucks at TJ Maxx. I always see these littered all over this local discounters ross, marshals etc… But don’t let the price fool you though. this is good juice.

Love and Luck The facts:

Ed Hardy’s Love & luck was released in 2008 by the house of Christian Audigier. It can be found in two main sizes 1.7oz and 3.4oz for $14 to $34 US. Don’t pay more than that. It could be found at discounters everywhere. The nose behind this great scent is Olivier Gillotin. Fragrances to his credit Polo Red, Be Delicious for him and two popular ones from the Tom Ford private blend line. Tobacco Oud and Tobacco Vanille. This fragrance is said to resemble Millesime Imperial by Creed and Sean Jean’s Unforgivable. The bottle is cylindrical and the top serves as a sleeve, that the spray bottle snaps into. The sprayer sucks. It doesn’t spray nearly enough juice for the potency of the fragrance. The artwork is from Ed Hardy’s Japanese inspired tattoos.

The Smell

Up top, you have two types of orange plus bergamot and cardamom. In the mid cypress, sage violet flower. Finally, in the base vetiver, cedar, “oud,” and musk

We know from the break down of the notes what citruses are there but they come across as Generic citruses. If the break down said Orange and lemon. I’d say yep. Or bergamot and grapefruit. You can’t really tell. What I will say is I get a Mimosa feel from this concoction. A sweet acidic citrus and champagne. It’s airy but stays rather dense. This is a summer scent but not transparent like your summer aquatic. In the middle on my skin, this scent is all about a sweet cypress. I get that for the longest stretch of this scent. It still has hints of the citrus but it is fleeting. In the base, you have a musky wood finish. again generic. Now I don’t say generic as a slight to the scent as a whole. This scent smells good from top to bottom. Just nondescript.


Final take

Love & Luck is casual and carefree. Perfect for any casual occasion. Very pleasant. A people pleaser. You’ll get A ton of compliments. Ideal for the college students. If you’re in college buy a 5-gallon jug of this stuff. There are rumblings of this one becoming discontinued. Also reformulation. I have the ea version. There is also a new wave version that lacks the performance. I cant confirm that.

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