Frederic Malle: The Essentials Collection

Professional Masculinity

There is a common thread with the Pour Homme selections from Frederic
Malle. High quality, professional and unmistakably masculine. With the exception of Musc Ravaguer which takes a more romantic approach, all these scents I can see on a lawyer or another profession that requires suits and ties as the uniform.

About the Brand

Frederic Malle commissions some of the best Perfumers on the planet and gives them the total creative freedom to create the fragrances they want.

Bigarade Concentree

Starts with a smooth authentic citrus. Orange or mandarin like citrus. Back when I was looking for an upgrade for my summer signature “Friends by Moschino” I would have loved this one. Very high quality well executed. Orange note.

French Lover

Fresh green bergamot. Not terribly unique but still interesting. Understated manliness. Minimalist, not simple. Luxurious without being in your face.


Considered an oriental vanilla fragrance there is very little soft, sweet or unisex with this scent. Beast mode longevity. Not “sexy” in the way a traditional oriental scent would be. Fits in the professional manly box as the other scents in this lineup.

Geranium Monsieur

The geranium comes of minty. Unfortunately reminiscent of mouthwash or chewing gum to start. Not my favorite

Musc Ravaguer

I came in a little biased on this one. I’ve read that this one was challenging to start. Cat pee challenging. Well, it’s not nearly that bad. However, I can see people not liking it to start. The good news is it does change quite a bit. Does it change enough to be the lady killer some say it is? Not sure.

Vetiver Extraordinaire

Probably my favorite of the set it’s fresh masculine and has an obvious quality about it.  Very buttoned up and the lead dog of this professional lineup. A huge statement from me because I’m not a huge fan of vetiver.


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