Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty

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  • A solid option for work thats none offensive.
  • Decent quality and good performance on my skin


  • Generic.
  • Very popular so you'll probably smell familiar.

The Story

long before I started my blog or even considered a youtube channel I would test my fragrances. For note breakdown, performance, longevity. etc. So if you came to my house I was going to get your opinion. Smells this…., What do you get with this one….. Thoughts? When I realized. I never get unsolicited feedback from the person who smells me the most. The Mrs. So I ask, whats the deal. Her reply. She said most of what I wear is too strong. And if not too strong too soft. Too powdery. Old mannish. Too old womanish. Ooo kay. My solution. Let’s go shopping. The objective, you pick out what you want me to smell like. We head to the mall, which was mistake number one, and we smell everything. Tom Ford, YSL, Dior. her choice. Gucci Guilty.

About: Guilty by Gucci

Gucci Guilty was released in 2011 and the nose behind the fragrance is Jacques Huclier. He is most famous for his work A*men for the Mugler house and a lot of the flankers. Ultra zest, Pure coffee, Pure Tonka, Pure Havane and others. The bottle design is kinda weird. I’m not sure how I feel about it. In a way it’s modern. But something about it seems disjointed.


Initial Impression

Guilty Surprised me. In the store, I wasn’t crazy about it. But overall not bad. Up top is a lemon lavender combo. If you think about it those two fragrances are in everything. Soaps, detergents, cleaning supplies…etc. Ultimately that’s why I believe there was so much hate in the fragrance community with this one. However, testing this one I kind of warmed up to it.

The Smell

The mid utilizes white florals. Specifically, Orange Blossom. Which is one of the go-to florals in male scent these days. The house of Maison Francis Kurkdjian uses them quite a bit. John Varvatos artisan comes to mind too. The word that comes to me here is “classic”. Traditional. Some may say generic. But I’m going to say it’s solid. The way a well-made vanilla iced cream would be. Not groundbreaking or earth-shattering by any stretch but not bad. Even good in some cases. The base of this fragrance is to me the best part. It turns creaming and woody. The patchouli comes off a little like chocolate. Not in a full fledge gourmand type of way, but like having the odor of chocolate on your fingers after eating a candy bar. This phase is downright sexy. Not a surprise when you think about Mr. Huclier’s other work for Mugler and his use of patchouli there. I could see this being a signature scent for someone outside the fragrance community or the hardcore fragrance collector.

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Final Take

This fragrance isn’t groundbreaking by any stretch, but not nearly as bad as its critics make it out to be. My guess is If you haven’t smell hundreds of fragrances and you like the smell, this could be a very good everyday work scent for you. Maybe even your signature scent. It performs well and the quality is decent. The genre of aromatics are the vanillas of the fragrance game. they’re classics in men’s fragrances and there are a ton on the market. Guilty takes that genre and gives it a tinge of sexiness.

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