Oddity by Rag & Bone














  • High Quality
  • Unique
  • Complex


  • Hard to find
  • Not easy to love

About Oddity:

Oddity is one of eight scents from Rag & Bone crafted by some of the leading perfumers around the world. Oddity, serving as the signature scent of the brand. They wanted to create a scent as “diverse” as their customer base. They took classic smelling scents a gave them a “curious” twist The bottle was molded in Heinz Glas, a 400-year-old factory in Germany to represent a focus on expert craftsmanship in their perfumery. To further this attention to detail, the six-digit code on the bottles’ sticker is the latitude and longitude of the origin for each scent’s key ingredient. Impressive.

The Smell:

The introduction is “oddity” in full effect. Unique in approach and composition. 50% of the people smelling this off the top are going to finished. Right away. The opening is dry, sour, bitter and quite possibly off-putting to most. The typical citrus introduction is absent, and this is spicy, dark, and robust from the word go. The Black pepper is front and center headlining a mix of leather, cardamom, and angelica. Atypical but not a deal-breaker for me. The leather has enough interest to foreshadow something more beautiful in the mid. The leather in the middle transitions from a rough, rugged leather to smooth suede-like leather. With a touch of sweetness. Here the fragrance is way more wearable. R&B said they used only the highest quality ingredients and its noticeable here in the mid. The accords blend seamlessly, and all notes are authentic. The transition to the base is slow. Oddity performs. However, it is not overbearing. You won’t choke out the people around you if you are sensible with the trigger. However, they will smell you. Silage is excellent throughout the life of the fragrance, and projection is excellent for the first couple hours. The base is the grand finale and the star of the show. It gets downright appealing at the base. Sexy even. With a sensual blend of amber and vanilla. Oddity has three distinct phases, the last being the best, making Oddity a great smelling sophisticated scent. Adding to the delight, Oddity is constructed to evolve on the wearer’s skin, making it unique to the individual. Unfortunately, the casual fragrance fan looking to smell good probably won’t make it past the introduction to smell it.