This was gifted to me to kick off my YouTube channel and I’m finally getting around to reviewing this. One because it makes sense for the upcoming fall and winter seasons and two because these may be back on the market for the holiday season. In fact, there is one department store that already has a women version available. In this post, I’ll let you know if it’s worth the retail price tag.

Pulze point #1: What You Get
In the “croffet,” you’ll get 6 miniature, 12-millimeter decanters. My particular set came with Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, Tuscan Leather, Noir De Noir, Neroli Portofino, and Jasmin Rouge. Now I expect that this lineup will be the same with the exception of Jasmin Rouge which I believe is discontinued. Tom Ford has a ton of options to replace it with. Personally, I hope they will replace it with Plum Japonais.

Pulze point #2: Niche Price Tag
The retail price of my set and the women set online is $350 US. Can’t foresee any change here. Expensive? Yes, but it’s actually in line with the current per milliliter pricing of the house. Tom Fords private blends are expensive. For $250 you get 50-milliliters of fragrance. Doing the math this set is the price is about .20 cheaper than a 50mil bottle. To get that price per milliliter down you’d have to splurge on the $605 250-milliliter decanter. That will get you around the $2 mark per milliliter.

Pulze point #3: How to Use
The larger decant come with he perfumers bulbs where you can transfer the juice to you sprayer of choice. However, I’ve found these caps are pretty useful. Not sure if this is intended but if you turn the bottle upside down with the cap securely in place it fills the cap. Then, you can dab what’s in the cap on your skin.

Pulze point #4: Overview of the scents

Tuscan Leather
Tuscan Leather supposedly smells like a brick of Cocaine. I personally can’t speak to that, but it’s by far the strongest of the bunch. When I say beast mode performance I mean beast. It’s almost too strong. You can’t even wash this off if you wanted too. The focus is around a smooth leather note.

Tobacco Vanille:
Oddly enough this reminds me of my grandmother. She used to chew Days Work Tobacco. I have no clue if they actually smell alike but this is the memory I get. It’s authentic damp tobacco and slightly sweet vanilla. In the background something spicy which reminds me of cloves.

Oud Wood:
One word to describe this scent. Luxury. Smooth and Performance is going to be a reoccurring theme with the private blend line. Oud wood contaminates everything it touches. LOL. The air, your clothes, anything you touch will smell like Oud Wood. Thankfully it will smell good. However, two sprays max. Then walk away.

Noir De Noir:
This scent is lighter than expected. Especially juxtaposed to the first three. I’d say it’s the most “unisex” of the bunch. I could see a confident lady rocking this. It’s slightly transparent and murky at the same time. Juicy maybe. Juicy rose is how I did describe this one. Rose Juice. Visions of red wine and chocolate come to mind.

Neroli Portofino:
Neroli Portofino is the lightest of the bunch. Perfect for spring and summer seasons. This smells like an expensive bar of soap. And just like the rest of these scents in the collection, the performance is great. You will smell fresh, clean and refined all day.

Plum Japonais:
Instead of talking about Jamin Rouge which probably won’t be in the re-release since it’s discontinued. I’ll talk about Plum Japonais. I could be wishful thinking because this is my favorite of the bunch and I’d like to see it get more love. To me, this is a niche version of John Varvatos signature release. Plum and leather. Tom Ford’s of course more refined and with more layers. A really nice progression.

Pulze point #5: Blending?
It’s said that these are constructed so the wearing can blend these together. I don’t have a lot of experience blending fragrances but I did an experiment. My Favorite combination? Plum Japonais and Tobacco Vanille

Pulze point #6: Is it worth it
Ultimately this is a “luxury” product. If you have the coin you’ll get a set of premium fragrances. If you just want to smell good, there are more economical options out there.